The Masterminds Behind Joie De Vivre

Doesn't it make more sense to learn from someone who has walked the walk, instead of those who just talk the talk?

Both of our diverse and comprehensive backgrounds is what sets Joie De Vivre apart and provides a solid foundation in all that we do. Over the last several years, we have collectively started and been decision makers for multimillion-dollar businesses in a variety of industries from real estate and travel to specialized behaviorial healthcare. Because of this we are able to guide professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals towards growth in all kinds of industries from a place of practical, real life experience - and get people the results they dream of.

America's #1 Relationship Builder Charlyn Shelton - Fitzgerald

About Charlyn: As America’s #1 Relationship Builder she brings the Gifts of Being a Visionary Leader, Life & Business Strategist, Professional Speaker, Trusted Advisor to CEO’s, 30 Year Entrepreneur, and SoulCEO.

What Others Say:

~ A Master at Relationships and a ‘synergy of powerfully positive energy’. Her light literally radiates when she walks into the room.

~ An avid life long learner, she brings resources you’ve never even thought of.

~ An amazing resource to our firm.We were skeptical about the value until we invested and received her outstanding training and continued support. You are not a ‘client’ with Charlyn you are family!

Strengths and Experience:

~ Started her first company at age 29 and built companies into Multimillion Dollar Entities ~ Charismatic and Obsessively Kind ~ Powerful Positive Energy Purposeful & Fearless ~ Contagious Laughter and Sense of Humor ~ Collaborator-Communicator and Devoted Listener ~ Authentic, Genuine, Honest and Forthcoming ~ Always has an Angel on Her Shoulder ~ Talks with the Angels ~ Has Overcome Almost Every Adversity imaginable by choosing to be a Victor not Victim ~ Mother of Three and Grandmother of Ten ~ Executive Coach & Mastermind Facilitator

“My JOY OF LIFE/Purpose is being a catalyst to Joy, and helping others build relationships that matter!” Charlyn Shelton-Fitzgerald,

Industry Leading Healthcare Professional Michael


About Michael: Michael currently serves in the positions of Director of Behavioral Health, RN, BSN, a nursing executive, coach, mentor, trainer, speaker and transformational leader. He has ammassed a vast array of experience in numerous healthcare specialties and organizations.

Drawing upon his 25+ years in healthcare, 10+ years in sales and marketing and a lifetime of experience in sports, he brings a unique perspective that is necessary for you to bring about meaningful and lasting change. He has led individuals through difficult transformational experiences that have resulted in building effective and motivated teams, improving organizational ROI and creating life-changing events.

Words From Michael:

My simple formula for success is based on identifying and accentuating strengths, while minimizing weaknesses. Through detailed planning, timely feedback, accountability, self-discovery and spiritual awareness, we will journey together to achieve both your personal and professional goals.

“My genuine love for helping people discover their full potential has impacted and transformed lives for over 30 years. It is not unusual for clients to say to me, “What you have done for me has saved my life.” Michael Fitsgerald,